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Basilicata 03:35
Geophone 07:58


"Smalley and Mandelbrot are highly respected experimental musicians in their own right – musicians who are somehow able, through their ability, creativity, patience and effort, to leave their own tinted fingerprint on both the electronic and ambient genres respectively. When they join forces, it’s a game-changer. The two musicians are close to hero status." Fluid Radio

"Blindfolded, no fan would ever peg this twitchy synth beast as the work of Smalley ~ which helps one to appreciate the contributions of Keung Mandelbrot.  The same holds true for the bleepy beginning of “Linear Elasticity”, which gives way to an all-out drone – one of the best segments of any Olan Mill-related track to date, matched a track later on “Geophone” by something that sounds like a processed organ and bagpipe parade.

Mandelbrot is the perfect person to inspire a change in timbre, as his own work has morphed over the past decade.  Mandelbrot first appeared on our radar as part of the post-rock band Mandelbrot Set.  As that band became inactive, Mandelbrot continued to release solo works, emphasizing drone and pedal over post-rock guitar.  One suspects that as Mandelbrot has had a sandpaper effect on Smalley, Smalley has had a velvet effect on Mandelbrot.  It will be interesting to hear where they go from here, both individually and as a duo.  This collaboration has benefitted them both." A Closer Listen

"Collaborative albums are never easy, especially when the contributors have different styles. But when the cooperation turn out to be excellent the outcome is a reward for both the artists and the listeners. This is the case of Seismology, the collaborative record between Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot." Echoes and Dust

"…five pieces, thirty-five minutes of music, and it's quite an interesting as well as intense ride. This is perhaps not your usual Hibnernate release. Yes, it's minimalist in development, it's spacious in 'Flinn-Engdahl', the longest piece here, opening the CD, but even that space is inhibited by worms eating away the machinery and crawling about, making the machine all rusty and cranky. A piece like 'Basilicata' is perhaps as noise as Hibernate will ever get. Harsh noise wall fans would probably deem this 'disco' with its repeating blocks of noise, but for this label it seems a daring move. Maybe 'Inner Plate/Intra Plate' is the one piece that comes close the more 'traditional' ambient music. I quite enjoyed this release: it is all about the surprise and the will to do something else. This could have easily be another album of two guys droning away on their guitars and loop pedals but it's not; they expand the idiom of ambient with a fine touch of experimentation and noise." Vital Weekly

Seismology is an incredibly experimental blend of almost every instrumental genre under the sun from modern classical, to drone, to ambient, to synth psychedelia." Alto Riot


released June 6, 2014




Mandelbrot Set UK

6 hands, 10 strings, 1 drum set and a plethora of pedals creating a massive pulsing noise that resonates between harmony and dischord. Combining influences from David Pajo's seminal 'M' project, to the density of Sunn O))'s bowel shaking sound, yet processed and shaped into the syntax and language of something altogether more electronic sounding. ... more

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