All Our Actions Are Constantly Repeated

by Mandelbrot Set

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"...Mandelbrot Set push post-rock into violently visceral territories; the songs on their 'All Our Actions Are Constanly Repeated' debut album of 06 were among the loudest heard the whole year, in any genre. Their successful balancing of terrifying bombast and graceful tenderness, though, ensures that no feeling of repetition really settles in the listener's mind." Rock Sound

"...Mandelbrot Set are less inclined towards parallel harmonies and there is far more variety in their compositional palette. It would also be disingenuous to consider them on a par with scene luminaries as Godspeed! and Mogwai but, hell, they're close. 'And The Rockets Red Glare...' hacks like Isis, 'Constellation Of Rings' soothes just like staring at fractal art for hours should be and the guitars of 'Benoit B. Mandelbrot' decay, collapse and surge in the manner entirely expected of their namesake's core theory. Debuts like this don't come along very often" Rock-a-Rolla

"All Our Actions Are Constantly Repeated" is a stunningly realised triumph of cosmic shoe-gazing instrumental post-rock. But best of all is the cataclysmic approach to crescendos that Mandelbrot Set seem to throw around with reckless abandon. 'His Hands Were Too Small' builds and builds, ever tightening the tension between the protagonist and listener - and the air positively crackles until it implodes making it a truly rare album of titanic proportions." Big Cheese

"...a complex hybrid of Constellation-style post-rock and epic shoegazing. Guitars are plucked quietly then forced through a phalanx of effects pedals; strings swell behind crashing percussion; layers of drones, samples and echoes fold in on themselves and then explode into swirling colour. The formula is familiar, but the combination of psychedlic influences and chaotic volume lend this an edginess and vitality all its own." Alternative Ulster

"..."Constellation Of Rings" is the big exception, a loose piece that clocks in at over thirteen minutes and features everything from trippy electronic effects that call to mind the spaced-out work of Yume Bitsu to plucky banjo melodies and acoustic guitar that nicely offset the one blistering guitar passage. In terms of sheer release, there's nothing on the album that tops the nearly ten-minute "Benoit B. Mandelbrot," a track that takes about three minutes to get going before simply laying waste for a majority of the rest of the track while pausing to take only short breathers. Sure, it's been done before, but this trio still seems to wrench something out of it all that sounds fresh." Almost Cool


released October 16, 2006




Mandelbrot Set UK

6 hands, 10 strings, 1 drum set and a plethora of pedals creating a massive pulsing noise that resonates between harmony and dischord. Combining influences from David Pajo's seminal 'M' project, to the density of Sunn O))'s bowel shaking sound, yet processed and shaped into the syntax and language of something altogether more electronic sounding. ... more

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